Perfect Workout

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One year ago I decided to listen to an ad on the radio for The Perfect Workout.  It suggested that this routine would help make me stronger and fitter in two weekly sessions of twenty minutes each.  I decided to go for a free trial session. 

And here’s the kicker: In twelve months I’ve lost 14 inches all over my body! That is to say I’ve lost a total of 14 inches on my figure from all the areas that they measured.  What a home run!  

The workout is great because all the sessions are with just you and the trainer.  They run on time and are open six days per week.  The approach is based on super slow movements.  In a typical session you go through six exercises for a maximum of 2 minutes each.  I’m substantially stronger on all the machines and most importantly I never got injured.  Of course I felt a bit sore when I started but nothing that disabled me.  And because this is a short and sweet workout I don’t even get sweaty.  So no need to race home and shower immediately.

Before this routine I had tried other gyms, clubs, boot camps and the like.  And every time I managed to get hurt, necessitating numerous trips to the physical therapist.  

The main scientific principle behind The Perfect Workout is that as we age we lose 1 percent of muscle mass for every year after the age of 40.  So at my age of 62 I was “down” 22 % of my muscle mass.  And that lost muscle mass is replaced with fat, sadly.  The official medical term for this is sarcopenia.  By doing this super slow weight lifting program I rebuilt a bunch of my muscle mass.  And the reason I lost 14 inches overall (mostly in my mid-section!) was because muscle mass is leaner and takes up less space than fat!  Yay!  

The Perfect Workout is a group of facilities that began in California.  There are several centers in the Chicagoland suburbs.  I attend the Wilmette spot working with my trainers, Joel and Erin. (See photos of me on a machine with Joel standing by offering tips and watching my form.)

I love The Perfect Workout because it works for me.  I typically wear exercise clothing but on a few occasions I just popped on my gym shoes with my street clothes.  It worked for me and should for you too. Go do a free initial session to determine if this feels like a viable option for you.

If you decide to sign up tell them Dr. Julie Marshall sent you.  Then you’ll start your fitness journey and I’ll get one free session.  Win, win!

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Wedding arms and other tips...

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Recently I went to a lovely wedding.  I was talking to a guest and she remarked that she never feels comfortable wearing a sleeveless dress to dressy events because she feels her arms are too crepey.

She asked me if I had any easy dermatological tricks for that.  I said that as we age we all tend to lose laxity in our skin due to sun damage as well as loss of skin thickness due to the effects of menopause.  We lose bone density in all our bones including our arms   and our skin gets laxer and dryer. All this results in loose skin that’s too drapey in nature. 

There are numerous longer term options to improve this that I’ll discuss in a later post. But for this post I’ll tell you exactly what I do before a big event.

    1.    For two weeks before the event I do this very simple Tracy Austin five minute exercise routine using one or two pound weights.  This increases the muscle tone and improves the skin laxity.

    2.    For the same two weeks in the shower.I gently wash my arms all over with Glytone mild gel cleanser.  I rinse well. Pat dry and within five minutes I then apply Amlactin ultra smoothing  intensely hydrating cream all over my arms.  This actually hydrates the dry arm skin and increases collagen production.  Collagen is part of the support system of our skin and tends to decrease as we age.  (This is great to use all year round on your skin and will gradually improve the texture of all aging skin). On the face it can sometimes sting so other options will be discussed on “My favorite skin products” post.

    3.    Then on the day of the event I apply Remede Body Contour lotion preferably right after a long ten minute soak in a warm bath.  The bath hydrates my skin. Then again I pat dry and within five minutes I liberally apply this to my arms and legs.  I discovered this little gem on vacation with my husband in Hawaii.  It was included in my spa treats.  I LOVE this product as it gently tightens your skin for the next four or five hours.  If you’re the mother-of-the-bride and still in the thick of photos take a quick time-out and go reapply to those exposed arms while touching up your makeup (put it in a travel-size bottle).

    4.    When you take any photos try to put your hand on your hip. What this does is it makes your arm look thinner as you’re not squishing your arm against your side which looks less flattering.

Here you see me (and my arms) wearing a royal blue gently ruched sleeveless dress.  I love the color and the style is very flattering as well as forgiving. 

I paired it with a silver lame wrap, a long strand of pearls, a pearlized clutch with a rhinestone clasp and a pair of kitten-heeled silver Stuart Weitzman sandals.  The purse is actually white but because of the pearly quality it reads silver especially when paired with the silver shawl.  

My last tip is that with any sleeveless top to insure that your bra doesn’t peak out I have a dress maker or tailor put in lingerie straps that snap over my shoulder strap of my bra,  and secure it to my dress shoulder seam.  Another option is to buy these shoulder strap retainers (Amazon).  These are cool as they’re transferable from one outfit to another as they just pin onto the inside of your dress shoulder seam.

Hopefully these tips will improve the skin of your arms so you can feel more comfortable rocking that sleeveless dress.  My goal for 35 years as a cosmetic dermatologist was not to have the patient look like a teenager, but just to look as good as possible for their current phase in life.  

Happy Wedding Day!!!